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Alejandro LaimeAlejandro Laime The Hermit - came from Latvia, he came to Venezuela after World War II, one of the first travelers in this virgin forest. He was the first man to make a map of the entire area around the Angel Falls. He lived here for over 40 years on Orchid Island in front of the Angel Falls.
He always said that the Auyantepuy mountain have prehistoric animals and there were a strange place where there are no gravity.
In the "Mirador de Laime" you can today feel the atmosphere of the higest and oldest waterfall in the world. Enjoy this big waterfall and discover its unique flora and fauna with us.
After moving to Canaima, Laime led explorations through the jungles of southern Venezuela. He reached the top of Auyantepui in 1955, and together with his partner Manuel Fiorentino and natives he were the first to reach the Jimmie Angel air plane crash "Flamingo". Laime explored the surface of the Tepuys, and naming several rivers. After hearing the news of the famous Jimmie Angel del Río de Oro ", Laime, like many of his contemporaries, was in search of this river. He has never made public if he really found this place, but close friends says that he had actually did. After Laime deaths in 1993, approximately $50,000 in gold and diamonds were found below his fire camp outside his home on Orchid Island.
Laime (left in the photo) died in 1993 of a heart attack.
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Henrik Linde
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