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Endemic_PlantsThe variety of different climates and altitude levels together with the geographic diversity makes the Canaima National Park a place where you will find diverse and lush

vegetation. Forests and savannas are the most characteristic of the area. We can also observe adorned rivers gallery forests and savannahs morichales very characteristic vegetation of the table mountains. According to the vegetation map of Venezuela, we can cite the following groups of vegetation: montane evergreen forests, cloud forests, montane forests, forests basimontano evergreen shrub herbaceous vegetation, open grassy savannas, open grassy savannas, savannas herbasales grasses, grassy savanna complex woody vegetation and high tepuy subtepuyana.

Canaima National Park will find a very diverse flora. A number of orchids and bromeliads grace the forests and jungles, on the summits of many endemic plants grow tepuyes. Among the most interesting species are carnivorous plants that trap insects to obtain nutrients necessary for food. Among them are: Heliamphora nutans, roraimae Drosera, Utricularia quelchii. Other species that adorn its colors and forms these places are: Stegopelis guianensis, S. ptaritepuyensis, Bonnetia Steyermarki, B. sessilis, Gongylolepis pendunculata and Brocchinea reducta, among others.

The variety of reptiles that can be seen in this park is immense, including some of the species are: savanna Chameleon (Anolis auratus), smooth baba Hocico (Paleosuchus trigonatus) iguana (Iguana iguana), wild tortoise (Geochelone denticulata) . Many snakes live in both the savanna and in the forests and near the rivers, among them we can mention: old woman (Leptotyphops sp.) Vine (Oxybelis fulgidus), false coral (Anilius scytale) tragavenado (Boa constrictor) anaconda (Eunectes murinus), litmus Boa (Epicrates cenchria). The poisonous are: coral (Micrunus lemiscatus) cuaima pineapple (Lachesis muta), mapanare (Bothrops lichenosus) and the rattlesnake (Crotalus durissus).

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