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It is one of the most beautiful places in Venezuela, and in the world, this sweet water lagoon and its white sandy beaches are surrounded by several water falls: Hacha, Wadaima, Golondrina and Ucaima.

Here you can see the 3 Tepuys merging into one (They are aligned). Those flat top mountains, that distinguish this region are called Nonoy-Tepuy ("Zamuro" or Vulture), Kuravaina-Tepuy ("Venado" or Deer) and Topochi-Tepuy ("Cerbatana" or Blowpipe Tepuy).

Take a Curiara, A long canoe and have a closer look at the different water falls around the Canaima Lagoon.

Reach the island of Anatoly where you can see the Sapo (frog) and Sapito (little frog) water falls.

You will never forget the experience of walking underneath "El Sapo", on your way to "El Sapito", the "little frog" waterfall.

I have not found anything better when talking about waterfalls anywhere else in the world.

You can't miss the natural wonder of the world: The Angel Falls in Venezuela, a must in a life time.

Book in advance, it is a day tour when you are here... Remember,  try and reach the tallest one, that is why you came here in the first place.

You can get there by air or navigating upstream following the Carrao river and then the Churun river. It is a long ride (5 hours) and an hour of walking to the base of the falls. A unique experience for a lifetime.

map-canaimaCanaima Lagoon. You can go aboard a curiara and approach this wonderful group of waterfalls, Salto El Sapo and Salto El Sapito. It is like being at several waterfalls at the same time. Lagoon Ride. You can see the many falls on a Curiara, a different experience when compared to seeing just one. A fantastic experience.

Calm nature. The whole place looks like a theme park atraction, there are small parks, and the place is safe even for children (7 years or more).

Life is beautiful, the world is beautiful, yet sometimes we just have to go and admire it. Please feel free to ask any questions, we are here to help you. Be our guests.

 Allow yourself a visit to Angel Falls an unforgettable trip: Book now!

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Henrik Bratfeldt
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Angel Falls Tours

Angel Falls Adventure of 3 days

Angel Falls Adventure of 3 days 4.9 out of 5 based on 44 reviews.

This is The Classic, and the original Adventure Tour - when visiting Angel Falls in Canaima (Higly Recommended)!.

Book now!

A full schedule of 3 days and 2 nights with all meals and guides included, with accommodation, tours to the best spots in the park, waterfalls, rivers, natural attractions and of course a visit to Angel Falls. Price $255 per person.

angel-falls-adventureThere are different options for accommodation and tours, from the simplest to the most comfortable for the most demanding. One can distinguish three categories of accommodations and rates.

- Adventure Tour: has a single room night in the community of Canaima, near the lagoon available private bathroom and fan. It is a cheaper and very complete with all meals included, pay attention to such indigenous natives of the area, Pemon tribe. There are also including a night in a hammock with a view of Angel Falls.

With this option, as additional detail and pays if the weather conditions are favorable, including a visit to the water curtain "Salto Hacha," is an incredible experience meeting with the strength and majesty of nature.

- Deluxe Tour: is the intermediate alternative, offers a comfortable night's stay in front of the Canaima Lagoon room with private bathroom and air conditioning. The view of the landscape is very beautiful and has the famous Laguna beach nearby for a refreshing swim. The other night accommodation is offered in rustic jungle camp in hammocks and a view of Angel Falls.

- VIP Tour: The stay is in a Lodge with the best location in the Laguna de Canaima with the most comfortable rooms to offer, there are private bathrooms and air conditioning. The restaurant offers meals included, gourmet, a la carte or buffet. A visit to Angel Falls is a full day so you can come back to stay two nights in bed and all the comforts of camp next to the lagoon.      

Day 1.

sailing•  Arrival in  Canaima by plane from  Ciudad Bolívar.

• The Angel Adventure Guide will assist at the airport.

• Transfer to the camp, lunch and the beginning of the expedition.

• After lunch, take a guided tour of Ara-Meru Falls where you can swim and walk in natural formations of Jade.

• Our next walk will take us to Sapo enjoying your fabulous curtain of water that can be enjoyed during the rainy season.

• The walk continues to Salto Hacha, followed by a half-hour walk through the jungle.

• Return to camp at the Anatoly Island for dinner, bath and rest.

Day 2.

• Depending on the conditions and the level of the waters of the Rio Churum we went by boat to get closer to Angel Falls.

• We arrived at Mouse Island (Island in front of the Falls) for camping and sleeping in hammocks.

• We walk an hour to get to where you can observe Angel Falls in all its splendor and bathe in her lap. Return the camp at noon for lunch.

• Dinner is served at Isla Raton followed by different accounts of the history of Canaima.

Day 3.

• Breakfast and transfer to the airport.

• Daily departures from Ciudad Bolivar at 7:30 adventure_for_3_days

Prices include: Sightseeing, lunch, soft drinks and guides. Stay in the Orchid Island in hammocks, camp, which was recommended as the best located, with nice people as well as conditioning for the more adventurous travelers.

All options included with your stay a typical boating (canoe) from the Canaima Lagoon to see the jumps from about Swallow, Ucaima, Wadaima and Axe.

Prices may vary according to season, fares and availability. Contact us for updated prices or tailor-made travel: Book now!

Angel Falls Accommodation

Tapuy Lodge

Tapuy Lodge 4.9 out of 5 based on 27 reviews.

Tapuy lodge1Tapuy Lodge an exclucive Lodge at Angel Falls. Tapuy Lodge is a unique camp located in Canaima with excellent location directly on the beach of the famous Canaima Lagoon.

From the beach you have a stunning view of several waterfalls and towering Tepuis "Venado" and "Kursari". Tapuy Lodge has been built with a unique style, fitting perfectly with the landscape, combining tradition with modern luxury and is the ideal starting point for trips around the Canaima National Park.

Visit the Falls the highest waterfall in the world, or Sapo Kavac with professional guides.

16 double rooms.

Private bathroom with hot water, shower / bath.

Air conditioning and fan.


Restaurant and bar.

Living room.

Huts facing the lagoon.

Spacious tropical garden of 2000 meters square described. Para reservar!

Camp Ucaima

Camp Ucaima 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

ucaima_angel_fallsThe cottages here are very comfortable, with bathroom inside and a terrace to hook your hammock. Attention is gentle and with very rich food.
With natural pool Carrao riverfront. Ucaima Camp. I adore this camp, it is above of the Canaima Lagoon. It is ideal to relax, the silence and the view can not be found anywhere else. Excursions to the Carrao river and to Angel Falls are available for day trips and overnights. Side excursions to several other nearby waterfalls are offered


Camp Bernal

Camp Bernal 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.

campamento_bernalJust five minutes from the Laguna de Canaima, in Anatoly Island, opposite the Salto Hacha Camp is located Campamento Bernal. This Camp can accommodate 30 people in real beds + 20 more in hammocks, 2 basic rooms with bathrooms, space for walking, beaches and exotic gardens.

Includes: Attendance at the airport, local transfers, meals, soft drinks, walks, Laguna Canaima, Sapo, Orchid Island, The Well of Happiness and Angel Falls. Local guides. One night sleeping in front of the Laguna de Canaima in hammocks.


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