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Canaima National Park (Not the Village) was established on June 12, 1962 and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994. It is the gateway to Angel Falls. Although other waterfalls and lagoons can be visited from the Canaima camp, the main reason why tourists fly here is for the three days and two nights of travel to the base Camp of the Angel Falls. Flora and fauna Canaima has a very varied fauna, which is distributed throughout the park according to multiple environmental factors such as height and type of vegetation. There are more than 300 endemic species in terms of flora only in La Gran Sabana. You can witness spectacular tepuyes (mountainous tablecloths), waterfalls and moriche palm trees. El Salto del Angel is located on the side of the largest tepui of Venezuela known as Auyan-tepui.

There is an incredible variety of tropical wildlife in the area, including monkeys, poison dart frogs and hundreds of species of orchids. Mammals in the area are generally difficult to detect, but include anteaters, armadillos, porcupines, three-toed sloths, otters, jaguars, pumas, tapirs and capybaras. The birds that can be seen are king buzzard, tanager paradise, white bell bird, cock of the rocks, wren musician, great kiskadee, bananaquit, bright golden velvet, capunchinbird, hermit-crowned hermit, blue-cheeked parrot and others...


Great place for swimming in the many rivers and waterfalls - bicycling - 4x4 rides + fishing​.

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"At partners - we will always make sure that your tour to this remote part of the world - would be the most compelling and exiting trip ever."

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