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6 pm - 11 pm

Our Menu


  • Small Continental Breakfast

    7.80 €
    Two rolls, 1 free-range egg, ham & cheese, homemade jam, butter
  • Full Continental Breakfast

    12.50 €
    Assortment of rolls, 2 free-range eggs (fried, scrambled or poached), salami, ham & cheese, homemade jam, muesli & yoghurt, butter
  • French Breakfast

    6.70 €
    2 croissants, homemade jam, hazelnut spread, butter, café au lait
  • Eggs three ways on Toast

    8.90 €
    3 free-range eggs – fried, poched or scrambled with bacon and onions
  • Full English Roll

    10.80 €
    Puff pastry filled with sausage, bacon, free-range egg, grilled mushrooms & tomatoes and JP sauce
  • Eggs Benedict

    9.90 €
    Toasted muffin, 2 poached free-range eggs, bacon, sauce hollandaise



  • Catch of the Day Sea Scallops

    9.80 €
    Sautéed with with garlic and brown lime butter
  • Mexican Corn Salad

    7.50 €
    Organic corn, pepper, onions, orange filets and vinaigrette


  • Organic Pork Medallions

    14.50 €
    Balsamic-honey reduction, oven baked potato and watercress salad
  • Grilled Tuna steak

    17.90 €
    From sustainable Adria fishery, with risotto, green asparagus and Teriyaki sauce
  • Stuffed Aubergine (Egg Plant)

    11.50 €
    Quinoa and parsley, served with pomegranate seeds and coconut yoghurt



  • Catch of the day fish

    10.90 €
    Roasted with garlic, lime and coriander
  • Seasonal salad (vegan)

    7.50 €
    The best vegetables of the seasion, handpicked by our head chef – always with a twist. Please ask your server for more information!


  • Fried Tumá

    22.10 €
    With caramelized shallots, pea purée
  • Oven baked chicken

    15.70 €
    With scorched corn, garlic mashed potatoes
  • Chanterelle Risotto

    13.50 €
    With young green asparagus and parmesan crisps


  • Cardamom Crème brûlée

    8.90 €
    With sirup and drunken prunes
  • Organic cheese platter

    10.80 €
    Assortment of cheese (ask server), fruit, honey fig mustard
  • Chocolate lava cake

    7.80 €
    Hot and delicious with chilled mango mascarpone
  • Panna Cotta

    6.90 €
    With a fresh basil-citrus note on a strawberry mirror

Tumá indigenous preparation based on water, salt, Cumache and Aimara (fish of the Carrao-Canaima River). There interwoven with the green of the thick jungle is Kanaimö the indigenous community that inhabits the spaces of the sixth largest national park in the world and Natural Patrimony of Humanity where Arawonü was born to preserve the original traditions of the Pemón ethnic group Kamarakoto.
William Jose Luis, Head Guide

Special Menus

Most gourmet menus can be prepared by the local chef..

Seasonal Course Menus only

For Carnivores

Chicken / Steak / Beef
18.50 €

Veggie Friendly

Local Salad
17.20 €

Seafood Menu

Fresh Fish from the Lagoon
26.50 €

Best Quality

All food are fresh and flown in from Puerto Ordaz every day.

Unique Food

Well trained Staff, Loved the food, from the beginning to the end the experience at Ucaima was beyond expectations. Words are not enough! Thank you! will come back again! My room view breathtaking! Best of All

Staff attention and service, will recommend this place as unique!.

Local Produce

The meals are meat, poultry, fish, grains, pasta, vegetables ....

Try the local Roasted Chicken when visiting the Angel Falls by boat.

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