The Canaima Lagoon

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It is one of the most beautiful places in Venezuela, and in the world, this sweet water lagoon and its white sandy beaches are surrounded by several water falls: Hacha, Wadaima, Golondrina and Ucaima.

Here you can see the 3 Tepuys merging into one (They are aligned). Those flat top mountains, that distinguish this region are called Nonoy-Tepuy ("Zamuro" or Vulture), Kuravaina-Tepuy ("Venado" or Deer) and Topochi-Tepuy ("Cerbatana" or Blowpipe Tepuy).

Take a Curiara, A long canoe and have a closer look at the different water falls around the Canaima Lagoon.

Reach the island of Anatoly where you can see the Sapo (frog) and Sapito (little frog) water falls.

You will never forget the experience of walking underneath "El Sapo", on your way to "El Sapito", the "little frog" waterfall.

I have not found anything better when talking about waterfalls anywhere else in the world.

You can't miss the natural wonder of the world: The Angel Falls in Venezuela, a must in a life time.

Book in advance, it is a day tour when you are here... Remember,  try and reach the tallest one, that is why you came here in the first place.

You can get there by air or navigating upstream following the Carrao river and then the Churun river. It is a beautiful canoe cruise and 45 minutes of walking to the base of the falls. A unique experience for a lifetime.

map-canaimaCanaima Lagoon. You can go aboard a curiara and approach this wonderful group of waterfalls, Salto El Sapo and Salto El Sapito. It is like being at several waterfalls at the same time. Lagoon Ride. You can see the many falls on a Curiara, a different experience when compared to seeing just one. A fantastic experience.

Calm nature. The whole place looks like a theme park atraction, there are small parks, and the place is safe even for children (7 years or more).

Life is beautiful, the world is beautiful, yet sometimes we just have to go and admire it. Please feel free to ask any questions, we are here to help you. Be our guests.

 Allow yourself a visit to Angel Falls an unforgettable trip: See Prices!

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