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climbing-angel-fallsGeneral Information:

1 .- Children under 10 years pay 50% in a shared room with parents or relatives.

2 .- Children under six (6) years will not be admitted to the walks along the rivers.

3 .- All cost airline flights without distinction as to age of the passenger.

4 .- Walking in the rain forest or stay in the jungle is not recommended for elderly or certain health problems.

5 .- The packages do not include drinks in the camps.

6 .- The packages do not include sales tax (VAT) or the entrance to Canaima National Park. (IMPARQUES around $20).

7 .- If for some reason (perhaps decide to change the way) the passenger fails to travel without justification in the camp there is no refund.

8 .- The payment for the invoice shall be deposited in advance at the Vaucher to be sent by fax, which is the only way for the reconfirmation and acceptance of payment.

9 .- For groups and individuals a 50% deposit must be paid in advance.

10 .- Our services fall from 11:00 am on the day of arrival until 10:00 am on the day of departure, therefore there will be a lunch not included passengers departing in the afternoon.

11 .- cameras or anything of value that is carried or any other tour Canaima is the responsibility of the passenger. It's a good idea to use the camera strap to carry it over the person wearing it and prevent it from falling, especially near river. (Do not travel with jewelry, they are totally unnecessary in the wild).

Recommendations for the traveler to bring and what to leave at home:
It's a good idea to bring:
• toilet paper.
• Protective case for the camera.
• Hat or cap.
• Light clothes (tropical climate).
• 2 pairs of shoes.
• Towel.
• Sunscreen.
• Waterproof.
• mosquito repellent.
• Lamp.
• A limited amount of luggage.
• Any medications prescribed by your doctor.
• Women should bring their beauty products and national brands that may not be available, especially in the rainforest ...

It is best not to bring:
• Jewelry.
• Anyone watch that costs more than $ 50.
• Lots of cash (cash), especially if U.S. dollars.
• We have not had problems with things of value because of our precautions.

Our recommendations and facts:

Be aware that the Angel Falls can be cloudy and if so may not be able to see it. The river that feeds the Salto Angel comes from the clouds.

It is best to leave in the morning, stopping along the way, taking a bath in "Poso of Happiness" and enjoy the beaches of the "Mouse Island."

In the morning on the way to Salto Angel, remember to swim below the jump, is delicious and a little cold, but returns with a good feeling.

Avior offers flights from Puerto Ordaz to Canaima leaving at 7:30 a.m.

It's great because at 9:00 be there, ready to enjoy the forest. The return flight is at 4:30 Pm.

Avior is timely, as the planes are small, they pay special attention to observe the landscape from above.

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