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conditionsGeneral conditions for services in Canaima:

* 1 .- Responsibilities assumes full responsibility for all contracts and agreements signed including correspondence by email with their customers by offering different programs and services. is not responsible for the acts of God, force majeure or anything that could alter the planning of any tour or provider, including accidents caused by the outsourcing of services and / or delays of commercial flights and connections of any travel by air or by other means .
In case of problems with the service provided for Angel Falls: will substitute with service of equal quality and price - perched on a different period. In case of serious problems salto-angel will return 90% of the deposit of paid service..

* 2 .- Documentation:

The passenger must bring documents and identification, in case of problems related to lack of documentation or visas are not responsible for the costs and delays for seervice provided.

* 3 .- Return of deposit paid to for bookings paid by customers.

Repayment of amount 60 days before the start of services / reservation.
Return of 70% 30 days before the start of the service.
50% refund 15 days before the start of service.
Return of 25% 72 hours before the service starts.
No return 48 hours before the start of service.

* 4 .- No refund of deposit.

When the travel documents are insufficient.
When the passenger does not show the day of booking.
In case of heavy rain, bad weather or force majeure that could put the safety of the planned trip in danger and partners will reserve the right to modify the program.

* 5 .- Claims.

All claims must be in writing and sent to us by fax or email, no more than 48 hours after the termination of our service.
If customers are not happy with the tour operator or service.
The client must inform the tour leader, host or travel Partners for Salto Angel immediately by telephone. The client must specify any details and complain that it is relevant to the action can be taken more, if the client whishes exchange for service, hotel or inn, this can be arranged by Angel Falls Travel Partners or crew and host.
If the guest continue the journey there can be no refund after the end of the vacation.
Permission for charter and related services in Venezuela.
Salto Angel has the following permissions:
Permit from the Ministry of Tourism: # 2251.

* Note 1:

Phone calls are paid by traveller.
Imported spirits are allowed in the park. (Guest may bring their own specialties, only for private use).
Accommodation prices quoted per day is 24 hours.
If the guest wants to leave on the afternoon of 50% above the price will be charged daily basis. Children between 2-10 years of age has a 25% discount. If the client wishes to rent a boat exclusively for your party not only with other guests on board a special price will be quoted depending on the duration of the Letter to the number of guests.
If payment / rest of a service reservoir has not been paid in advance, this fee be paid upon arrival at the inn or service provider.

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