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The area is full of pastures, with a bit of dense jungle along the course of the rivers and at the base of the numerous tepuyes or flat-topped mountains. The Angel Falls is on the side of the largest tepui of Venezuela known as Auyan-tepui.

The Angel Falls is deep inside the National Park. The waterfalls are about 5 hours walk in a canoe upstream of the town of Canaima. Most of the park's attractions can only be visited with a guided tour of Canaima. These can be booked from outside Venezuela, from Caracas, or from Ciudad Bolívar, but prices are much more competitive in Ciudad Bolívar. Most of the tours that take you to the foot of the falls are two nights (one in Canaima, one to the falls) and three days, and all three of the following elements are combined (and also include food and transportation). Alternatively, you can hire shorter excursions just to go to Angel Falls and vice versa.

Two day trips run at the foot of the falls by motorized canoe (curiara). The first day a five or six hour boat ride will take you to the base camp. From there it is an hour's walk to the foot of the waterfall. Here you can take pictures and swim. The night will be spent in hammocks and the next day another five hours will take you back to Canaima. Although air flights are arranged separately, all tours are run by a cooperative that organizes excursions as boats fill. Angel Falls is one of the few places in Venezuela, where a traveler does not have to wait to be part of a group of tourists.

A half-day tour takes you to Isla Anatoly, very close to the village of Canaima, where some other waterfalls are visited like Salto Sapo. Some of them have a curtain of water that one can walk behind. Just west of Canaima is a beautiful lagoon with water dyed a tea color by the vegetation of the area, and with a nice view of the waterfalls and tepuy mountain.

„A typical tour will include the flight to Canaima, and after three days of meals and lodging (very basic) in the different campsites along the river towards the falls. The trip involves several hours in a canoe and a couple of hours of walking through the gallery forest to the main viewpoint below the falls.“

Most tour guides speak Spanish with limited English.

The journey towards one's fall has many attractions. Boat trips and jungle tours offer a unique view of the flora of Venezuela, the fauna, and the terrain. If the water flow is gentle enough, you can swim in the small pool that forms below the falls.

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