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Day tours in Canaima, can be combined with accommodation in Hotel, Posada or in a Camp: Angel Falls Adventure Tour - book now

Salto Yuri:

Short trip through the Savannah to Puerto Verde where traditional canoes "Curiara" take him by the Rio Carrao, with ample opportunity to enjoy the lush vegetation on the banks of the rivers. After a short walk in the vegetation we Yuri Falls and pink beaches, has time for a swim or just enjoy the scenery.

Orchid Island:

A one-day excursion begins with a short walk to where it originates Salto Hacha, then to Puerto Ucaima where the "curiosities" (indigenous canoe) travez take him to the river to the Orchid Island. En route enjoy the beautiful scenery of the ancient river and mountains "Tepuys." Lunch is a picnic-style grill, then an opportunity to explore the island before returning the Orchid promenade.

Kavak Canyon:

Located in the southeast Valley's famous Kamarata Tepuy Autantepuy, there are the indigenous people of Kavak. You will enjoy  the aerial view of the falls (in good weather) in the Kavac route and then your guide will take you to Kavak Canyon and Falls Tabanarempa. Lunch is included in the route. NOTE: Bring an extra pair of shoes, one pair gets wet during the trip.

A variety of excursioones are available from your Lodge or camp.

Included or as an option on all packets is a canoe trip in the Laguna de Canaima, a walk in the Salto Hacha and / or fly to Angel Falls (weather permitting).


Kavak Falls.

The roar of white water is magnified by the echo of the cannon you can swim at this strange and beautiful place.

Day tours and prices:

Prices may vary according to season, fares and availability.
Salto Sapo: $ 45

Prices may vary according to season, fares and availability. Hacha: $ 35

Salto Yuri and Sabanero: $ 45

Kavak and flight to Angel Falls: $ 220

Expedition to Angel Falls by river: $ 170+

.* Prices are per person.

Contact us for updated prices and or tailor-made tours: Day tours.

Rio de Oro - River of Gold

Auyantepuy Above: The top of Angel Falls, a lost world with unique flora and fauna in the world.

Salto Hacha: A wonderful place, you can walk behind the water to admire the water fall from a strange angle.

Dugouts on Orchid Island: A motorized Curiara take will take you to Orchid Island.

Canaima Lagoon: You can hire a boat and discover this wonderful group of waterfalls like Salto El Sapo and Salto El Sapito. Here you will see and be sourounded of many waterfalls at the same time - a great and wonderful experience.


Dragon Falls Churun Meru Falls - la CortinaDragon Falls - Salto Churun Meru or Salto Cortina: To the South of Angel Falls - In the same Tepuy where Angel Falls is located do you find this waterfall a name that is mistakenly confused with that of Angel Falls itself.

Churún Merú is a waterfall from 400 meters high a name assigned by the original communities also known as Dragon and a few meters from the Curtain falls. The River is called Churun and in certain ways you could say that it is the head water or at least one of the many in the Auyantepuy walley also called the Devil's Canyon.
The Dragon Churún Merú waterfall is about 10 kilometers south of Angel Falls and in the same valley.
To visit this place there are some walking and the river has to be high enough.

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