Angel Falls by Helicopter

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helicopterUndoubtedly one of the most impressive places in the world is Angel Falls in Venezuela, a place with energy and natural beauties here forever, including the mysterious rivers, Tepuys, hills, waterfalls, waterfalls, legends, stories and tales of treasures hidden. With an abundant flora and fauna here are the obvious fruits of a paradise created by God and is still in the south of Bolivar State in Venezuela.
We offer a spectacular tour of the incredible Tepuy, unique mountains in the world with more than 2000 million years old and breathtaking views are free.

(Roraima, Kukenan Yuruaní, the whole scene...)

Surprised discovering these impressive waterfalls, rivers and magnificent aerial views that are unique to helicopters.

Authentic Adventure Expeditions:

Prices may vary according to season, fares and availability. Contact us for updated prices or tailor-made flights.

Costs vary depending on the number of passengers traveling:


Tepuys Plan:

Roraima Trekking & Kukenan:

Overflight and landing on top of these impressive Tepuyes where you can walk and take pictures.

The ability of the helicopter is 04 passengers.

Rate: (Tepuyes Plan):

Cost groups of 02 to 04 pax: $ 1,750

Cost groups of 05 to 08 pax: $ 2,225

Cost groups of 08 to 10 pax: $ 2,990

Meru Plan:

The helicopter tour with virgin waterfalls in stunning views, spend part of the day here enjoying a swim in a pool surrounded by majestic natural crystalline rocks and beautiful scenery. Includes refreshments.

Tarifa (Plan Waterfall):

Cost groups of 02 to 04 pax: $ 595

Plan flight:

Auyantepuy / Salto Angel:

Groups of 02 to 05 pax: $ 550

Groups from 06 to 10 pax: $ 1,100

Groups over 17 pax: $ 1,700

Plain flight:

Roraima & Kukenan:

Groups of 02 to 05 pax: $ 350

Groups from 06 to 10 pax: $ 690

Groups over 17 pax: $ 1,295

Plan flight:

Chimantá Tepuyes chain:

Groups of 02 to 05 pax: $ 395

Groups from 06 to 10 pax: $ 795

Groups over 17 pax: $ 1,360

For more information contact us and we will give all the information you might require.
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