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angel_falls_01Day 1.

• Assistance in the Canaima airport transfer to the camp, lunch, and the tour begins with a short walk along the banks of the Canaima lagoon arriving at the Port of Ucaima.

• From here we start canoeing through the waters of the Carrao River.

• Arriving at the Frog and Toad falls continue up to the strong currents to the Mayupa Falls.

• Then we will walk about 30 minutes from the Savannah Mayupa because it is not allowed to cross these waters of this fall on board a canoe.

• A final walk trough this beautiful savannah - here was the first airport in Canaima 7 decades ago, today the airport is now in the village of Canaima.

• Continuing with the navigation of the river Carrao, visit the Pond of Happiness and Orchid Island, where we arrive for dinner accommodation in hammocks.

Day 2.

• After breakfast, we continue navigating onboard navigation of the typical dugout canoe about 30 minutes to reach the entrance Churun River is navigable only in the rainy season.

• Ensures about 3 hours to reach Isla Ratón (Mouse Island), where we will have a panoramic view of Angel Falls.

• We took a walk of 45 minutes to reach the Mirador Laime *, The place to observe 100% of Angel Falls, continue to the base of Auyantepuy, where nature has formed a lake of water that is derived from the above.

• Back to Isla Raton, eat a delicious Indian-style lunch, Chicken on the stick.

• Return to the camp, dinner and a good night's sleep in hammocks.

Day 3.

• We have breakfast and then scroll down through the river until it joins Churun Carrao River, in the way we pass the Rapids of the Estrechadura up to the Camp Carrao.

• Visit to the old DC3, resting here for the past 30 years right in front of Tepuy Amarguay, here we have our lunch.

• Then we continued up to Iwana Meru, where we will have dinner and rest in hammocks.

Day 4.

• After breakfast we joined the expedition to the summit of Tepuy Amarguay a walk of about 8 hours discovering wild places and flora, rivers and a vast carpet of leaves.

• Lunch, return to camp Iwana Meru.

• Dinner and rest in our hammocks.

Day 5.

• We have breakfast followed by a visit to the rapids Akanan, and Kuana river.

• Here we visit the indigenous community of Kuana maintaining the original customs of their ancestors.

• lunch and continue through the navigation of rivers Kuana, Akane, and Aicha, reached the port of Kamarata.

• We will consider in the Indian Mission Kamarata.

• Dinner and sleep in real beds.

Day 6.

• After breakfast, walk to the Canon of Kavac (approx. 2 hours).

• We will discover the caves of Kavak, lunch and explore other attractions in the indigenous community.

• Go back to the Indian Mission Kamarata where we have dinner and a good night's sleep in hammocks.

Day 7.

• After breakfast, return to Canaima, lunch en route and arrived at night. 

Note: All our tours include meals, drinks, fruits, bilingual guides and personal attention.

The canoe used are the typical small boat with outboard motor, with booking engines and managed by experienced indigenous.

The best season is from May to January, and the change in the program may be possible due to the water level in rivers.

* Prices and program may vary depending on the season, fares and availability. Contact us for prices of existing tours or a tour tailored to your needs: Kavac Tours

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