La Gran Sabana

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The Gran Sabana is one of the most impressive places of the Venezuelan territory, is located in the Canaima National Park, here are some of the oldest formations of the earth, including Tepuyes that surround part of the Gran Sabana. This vast region of ancient lands have been eroded far beyond a cannon, so that what now remains of the original height of the earth look like mountains, the highlands are called Tepuyes.

We see how the natural serenity of the past comes alive between the savannas and forests. The waterfalls and cascades to flood our thoughts. Enjoy the charm and the immense potential this on earth. The Gran Sabana is surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and wells, each with its own history with magic and mysticism. The weather is nice and fresh. This is a unique experience filled with magic and beauty.

Gran Sabana 5 days, 4 nights $ 450 per person.

Day 1.
• Assistance at the airport in Santa Elena, lunch at the Brazilian border (Line) transfer to the hotel for dinner and relax.

Day 2.
• After breakfast, your transfer will take place in a 4x4 jeep to the river and waterfalls in Jasper, Agua Fria, San Francisco and Suruape Yuruani. The waterfalls are unique in the Gran Sabana, due to the age of the earth.
• After lunch, visit the Camp Kama, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim at the foot of the Salto Kama 55 meters.
• Return to camp for dinner and overnight.

Day 3.
• After breakfast, join an expedition to Aponwao 105 meters. Board a boat and walk a bit until you reach the spectacular waterfall or Aponwao Chinak Meru.
• After lunch a short rest and return to Santa Elena, dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 4.
• After breakfast, travel to Paují, visiting the Cathedral Canyon and waterfalls.
• The village has a road Paují Tepuy Abyss will take about three hours to arrive.
• The Abyss Tepuy has an incredible view of the Amazon jungle between Venezuela and Brazil.
• We have lunch and go back to Paují Emerald Falls to swim in this wonderful lagoon.
• Dinner and overnight at the inn Paují.

Day 5.
• After breakfast, return to Santa Elena - return flight etc.

La Gran Sabana - the Lost World - of only 2 billion (two billion years) years old. Time has made this place look unreal, it feels as if it is on another planet. The land is often pink - purple and the water is like red wine.

Jaspe. This cascade of solid rock is a gem, is made of jasper (a gemstone) which is more beautiful than marble and comes in shades of red and yellow.

Aponwao. Arriving in a small boat on the river, where you stop at the river bank just before the river falls at 105 meters. The landscape and the sound is spectacular, you can walk from the top to the bottom.

* Prices may vary according to season, fares and availability. Contact us for updated prices or tailor-made trips to: The Gran Sabana Tour of 4 days!

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