Margarita Island - Angel Falls - 14 Days

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angel_falls_06Caracas - Orinoco Delta - Canaima National Park - Salto Angel - Isla Margarita (The original Tour)!

14 Days / 13 Nights

Day 1.
• Flight to Caracas.
• Arrival at International Airport in Maiquetía.
• You will have assistance from our bilingual guides.
• Short transfer to Caracas (45 minutes).
• Stay at the selected hotel and overnight in Caracas.
• The modern capital of Venezuela has become the international center for dining and nightlife in Venezuela.
• You can visit some places of the city's nig

Day 2.
Caracas - Orinoco Delta
• Breakfast.
• Flight to Maturin.
• Transfer to the camp located on the eastern side of the country.
• Field San Andrés has specialized guides will be waiting to take them to navigate the Rio Orinoco, using fast and comfortable boats called Bongos, an indigenous boat in the river excursion.
• During his trip will stop to observe wildlife and take pictures.
• We will approach to an indigenous community and have a friendly contact.
• Navigating the channels observe the abundance of vegetation in the area near where the Orinoco River meets the Atlantic Ocean.
• The camp is located on one side of the Orinoco Delta.
• The architecture of the camp is part of the nature around her and brings the flavor of the Venezuelan plains to the Indian jungle.
• Upon arrival will have a welcome drink and lunch.
• Dinner and night. (B, L, D)

Day 3.
Orinoco Delta - Ciudad Bolivar
• Breakfast.
• Early in the morning will see the awakening of the Flora and Fauna of the Delta.
• Browse through the river and discover the amazing mystery that has been preserved over the years.
• Not only the wild is a jewel in this place, this place lives one of the oldest indigenous populations of South America, Warao Indians, who have built their houses on the water and have found a way to tame the wild nature.
• Your house calls are connected by corridors Palafitos.
• Their means of transportation are boats that even today are the mode of transport in areas where even young children can navigate.
• The Warao Indians are known for making beautiful baskets and all kinds of ornaments made of Moriche Palma. Some of his works have reached international galleries and museums for their beauty and rarity.
• La Palma Moriche is an income for the tribe as it always offers food from its bark meal worms or heart of palm.
• travel in the Orinoco Delta may see dolphins jumping in front of you where the river and the Atlantic meet, a mixture of salt and fresh water where the fish try not to be trapped.
• Fishing is one of the main occupations of this area.
• Transportation in the afternoon to Ciudad Bolivar.
• Arrival in an ancient city of Amazonas, a gift of cobblestone streets, museums, jewelry and treasure of the colonial past that mark the release of a continent.
• Overnight at the hotel.

Day 4.
Ciudad Bolivar - Canaima National Park
• Breakfast.
• Airport.
• Flight to Kavak.
• Arrival Pemon Indian Community in Kamarata, this exotic place will be our first stop in our wonderful journey through the jungle.
• This peaceful Indian village will offer you the opportunity to experience the adventure in the cave of Kavak.
• Under the care of a native guide will begin a twenty-minute walk to the impressive canyon.
• started walking a vast savannah with stunning views of the rock wall formed by the Auyantepuy.
• As we approach the vegetation suddenly changes to a dense jungle. In this place where they live ocelots, anteaters, parrots and macaws.
• Enjoy the Rio Kavak and its grounds, where swimming, these through holes formed in the bright red rock, which invites you to swim.
• We will swim for a place close to get to where the water drops creating a natural pool, where you have a refreshing swim.
• The view of the waterfall makes the adventure in a magical experience, you are surrounded by stone walls which opens tepuy to offer the visitor the sight and sound of the magnificent Salto Kavak: A roaring waterfall in the middle of a circle of rhinestones.
• Return to camp. After lunch a short walk to the Community Santa Marta, to visit a Pemon Indian community.
• Return to camp, dinner and overnight in this exotic place.

Día 5.

Day 5.
Path to Auyantepuy
• Breakfast.
• Heading to the Community Kamarata which address a "curiosity", a typical canoe of the Indians of the area.
• From this point forward the adventure began, through the rapids of the Rio Akanan and Carrao.
• On the way the dense jungle and exotic birds are the main attraction.
• Arrive at Orchid Island.
• The rest of the day will be used to explore the surroundings and enjoy a swim in the river of pink sand.
• Participate in the process of creating a camp where you will enjoy a restful night to prepare for a trip the next day.
• Dinner and overnight.

Day 6.
Discovering Auyantepuy-Angel Falls
• Breakfast.
• Flying Rat Island to start the tour on the rivers and Churun Carrao.
• Lunch will be served with Indian customs, enjoy a good steak or chicken cooked in the middle of the jungle by the Indians.
• After a quick stop at the camp began a trek through the jungle to arrive to the base of the tallest waterfall in the world: Angel Falls.
• navigate Auyantepuy side of this mysterious and fantastic training will attract attention during the trip.
• The mountain changed before his eyes, forming shapes that you will understand why the Indians called the mountain of the devil (disguised as taking many forms).
• Throughout the trip will be surprised by the nature and glorious way to get things so it would seem that a magic hand put the rocks in place.
• Vera rock groups seem to be hanging in the air, giving the impression they are about to fall.
• Arrive at Rat Island and spend the night.
• Walk an hour in the rain to take him to Salto Angel, once you reach the waterfalls impressed him in all his glory, and free time to take a refreshing dip in on River.
• The rest will be provided at the camp in front of the jump, giving an unparalleled view.

Day 7.
• Breakfast.
• Free time to enjoy the true beauty of Canaima National Park: wild and untouched nature.
• Begin to lower the river through the Orchid Island, Poso of Happiness and Mayupa Rapids.
• If the river conditions permitting we will spend on the river if not the vast savannah.
• Arrival in Canaima Community.
• Lunch.
• In the afternoon your guide will meet you at the camp to take a canoe to the falls at Canaima Lagoon, where you have time to discover the waterfalls Wadama, Axe and Swallow.
• Once on the ground will take a short hike through the jungle to reach the falls Frog and toad.
• Walk under the pretext that is formed by water, on the jump.
• In the highlands enjoy the spectacular view that will leave you breathless.
• Being in the middle of Canaima National Park, your local guide to tell about the ancient rock formations, once considered Gods and Goddesses of the Indians Pemones.Tiempo to enjoy a swim in the beaches in front of the falls.
• Return to the camp that extends around the Laguna de Canaima.
• Dinner and overnight.


Day 8.
• Breakfast.
• Transfer to the airport.
• Flight to Porlamar, the commercial point of the island.
• Transfer to hotel in Playa el Agua in Margarita.
• Dinner and overnight.

Day 9.
Porlamar - Isla Margarita
• Breakfast.
• Full day excursion in a jeep safari with lunch at a restaurant near the beach.
• The first stop will be in the mountains "Sierra" or "Cerro Copey" (The highest mountain in Margarita Island), where you will enjoy a spectacular view of Porlamar and its bays.
• Transfer to the National Park La Restinga where he took a boat through the channels and "mangrove" (A forest of trees growing at the edge of the sea).
• Trip to the Beach Auyama located at the end of a waterfall where hawksbill once a year they lay eggs.
• Trip to the Beach or Playa Carmela Mule crossing over arid areas in northern Macanao Peninsula.
• Here you have free time to enjoy the beach, will be set up tents and we serve a special appetizer of oysters with lemon, ceviche, fruit and a cocktail of gaipirinha, to allow you to enjoy the Caribbean flavor.
• We arrive at the beach bitch Arenas, known for its small waves which is why locals call it the "Pool Macanao" located on the west side of the peninsula surrounded by a small salt mine.
• In this place to enjoy a delicious lunch.
• Return to hotel.
• Dinner will be served at the hotel, where you can enjoy both national and international dinner.
• Overnight.

Day 10.
Porlamar - Isla Margarita.
• After breakfast, transfer to the pier where a boat to take Coche Island, an island off the Margarita.
• Navigate the open sea up to the stunning white beaches of cars found in tropical environment on the route.
• Enjoy Caribbean music, abundant tropical fruits and Ron.
• Once on the island not only enjoy the sun and seafood but will also have the opportunity to see historic sites nearby and deserted beaches where you can practice all kinds of water sports, if sport is not your forte you can enjoy the beautiful beaches.
• Arrival at the hotel.
• Enjoy dinner and a good rest.


Day 11.
Porlamar - Isla Margarita.
• This day is to enjoy what the island has to offer.
• You can opt for a peaceful rest in the long tropical beaches, take one of the many excursions or prepare for the exciting nightlife of Margarita.
• Overnight. (B, L, D)

Day 12.
• Breakfast.
• Free time to enjoy duty-free shops in the area of free trade in Porlamar.
• As the largest free port in the Caribbean, this city has a wide variety of shops and malls for shopping before returning home.
• Transportation to the airport to return to Caracas.
• Transportation to the hotel in Caracas.
• Overnight. (B, L)

Day 13.
• Breakfast.
• Your day will start discovering the city's historic sites, visiting all the most important points of interest: The place of birth of Bolivar, the Tomb, the Plaza Bolivar, the Cathedral and the Capitol.
• After discovering the colonial atmosphere you will enjoy another view of the city going to the cable car and enjoy the view from the mountains of El Avila.
• Look closely at the Hotel Humboldt, a structure built on the highest point of the mountain.
• Enjoy lunch.
• Admire the view of the Caribbean Sea and Galipán, a small town between Caracas and La Guaira, hidden in El Avila, which soothes the stress of city life contrasts with the tranquility.
• From this point the altitude is about 2,000 meters, just see the line that divides the sky from the ocean.
• Back to hotel and overnight (B, L)

Day 14.
• Breakfast. Transportation to the airport and back home ..

Price per person in double room: $ 1,880
* Prices may vary according to season, fares and availability. Contact us for updated prices or tailor-made trips

• Attendance at the International Airport Simón Bolívar in Maiquetía.
• Round trip transfers in Caracas.
• 3 nights overnight stay in Caracas, Chacao Cumberland Hotel or similar 4 star hotel with breakfast, taxes and services.
• Airport Transfers Maturin / Rancho San Andrés Ciudad Bolivar Airport.
• Accommodation for two days one night at El Rancho San Andrés, excursions, taxes and services.
• Domestic flights: Caracas-Maturin / Ciudad Bolivar - Kavak / Canaima - Porlamar / Porlamar-Caracas.
• Tour 4 days / 3 nights to Angel Falls, sleeping in hammocks, taxes and services.
• Accommodation for one night in Canaima Camp Hoturvensa, taxes and services.
• Excursion to Sapo.
• Transfers to Margarita return.
• Excursion to Isla de Coche, breakfast, lunch, open bar, excursions banana, chairs and umbrellas.
• Full Day Jeep Safari, open bar, taxes and services.
• Stay 4 nights at the Hotel Playa el Agua or similar 4 star, open bar, taxes and services.
• Walk around the city of Caracas, bilingual guides, entrance to the Cable Car Caracas (Avila cable car), lunch, taxes and services.
• Assistance of bilingual guides throughout the trip.
• The outputs begin to reach 8 passengers for the plan.
• Check for September 12 and 26th
• Check for October 10 and 24th


Simon Bolivar Airport. This small airport is located at the base of the mountains, we see that nature is present everywhere in Venezuela.

Caracas. A tropical city developed at the base of the Avila National Park and the mountains.

The Orinoco Delta. The Orinoco river is the third largest river in the world, covering 2140 km and the most abundant in water in the world. The Delta is 30,000 square km.
Rio Orinoco. A great place to relax. More than 1000 km. of river can be navigated and may reach across Colombia to Venezuela.

Nature and the Rio Orinoco. The Orinoco River serves as a highway for easy navigation penetrating natural exotic jungle plants and animals that nature lovers will be delighted to see.

Kamarata. Kamarata will be our first stop on our magical adventure.

Kavak Falls. The roar of white water is magnified by the echo of the cannon, you can swim in this strange and beautiful place.

Akanan Rapids. Much safer than it looks, the rapids are calm waters due to its age with few rocks on the road.

Dugouts on Orchid Island. A motorized Curiara take him to Orchid Island.

Aerial view of Rio Carrao. The river will take us about Auyantepuy, note the dense Amazon rain forest.

In Alexander Mirador Laime. At last the world's highest waterfall, the oldest of the falls and the only endemic flora and fauna.

Salto Hacha. A wonderful place, you can walk behind the water to admire the leap from a strange angle.

Laguna de Canaima. You can approach a boat and come to this wonderful group of waterfalls, Salto El Sapo and Salto El Sapito. Being there is to get many breaks at the same time.

Isla Margarita. Our next stop in the beautiful Caribbean island Margarita where we will enjoy the pleasant climate. Margarita is large and contains several cities.

Playa El Agua. This picture looks like a drawing by the intense color of the Caribbean, the water is warm and the sand is ideal. A beach paradise among many that we'll see.

La Restinga National Park. It is characterized by a forest in the sea, here we see the "Mangrove", home to seabirds, crabs and fish. A strange experience of this ecological tour.

La Isla de Coche. The sea is friendly and blue, sand so white you can imagine being in a cloud swimming in the sky, the temperature is ideal, the Caribbean in its ideal form. All modern amenities are available.

Long and beautiful beaches. Where swimming is not a problem in Margarita, there is much room for relaxation and romance.

Porlamar. A modern city in an international free-trade zone where you find good commercial products at great prices.

Caracas from El Avila seen. Caracas has a huge national park on the city, into many small parks and even a cable car.


Avila National Park. El Ávila has a tropical mountain forest, this being the third type of vegetation that we will see in this ecological tour. The building is up the hill is the Humboldt.

Back to Airport. A return trip from a dreamland. You return almost as another person, having seen the amazing nature in its splendor in a single trip which will remember for the rest of his life. We hope we help nature lovers feel the joy of being there where nature is great, but where nature is wild, where Mother Nature is more beautiful.

We have made every effort to make your trip as much as possible at an affordable price saving a fortune by doing the all destinations at the same time, not one by one.

Please feel free to ask us any question. More information about Isla Margarita! and Caracas: &

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