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This tour is especially designed for those who want to discover the most impressive and beautiful places of this exotic country full of contrasts.

Day 1:
Maiquetía flight from Merida
• Arrive at the Simon Bolivar International Airport at 14:00 hours.
• Transfer from the international airport to domestic airport.
• 16:45 Flight to Merida, capital of the Venezuelan Andes.
• Airport transfer to La Hacienda El Carmen, a coffee plantation 150 years ago still works where you will learn the history of coffee and how it is processed.
• Dinner, meeting and lodging.

Day 2:
• In the morning we will explore small Andean villages and high mountains (stopped).
• After lunch, an opportunity for a brisk walk or riding to glacier lakes.
• You can buy all sorts of Andean art in small markets.
• Dinner and overnight at the Hotel Los Frailes, quality hotel built on the site of a 17th century monastery

Day 3:
• Today we visit the Laguna Mucubaji, one of the largest lakes in the state of Merida.
• Hike or horseback to the Laguna Negra observing the incredible variety of mountain flowers and possibly see the world only Hummingbird highlands.
• Visit to the Eagle Pass, the highest paved highway to 4.047 meters high.
• Lunch at a local restaurant Andina.
• In the afternoon return to Merida.
• Dinner and overnight at Estancia Mucunuy, a restored colonial hacienda that recently won an international architecture award.

Day 4:
Mérida - Maiquetía - Barcelona
• Breakfast at Estancia Mucunuy.
• Short walk through the city of Merida, including the Plaza Bolivar, the historic cathedral, museums, etc ...
• After lunch transfer to airport flight to Mérida and Simon Bolivar International Airport (Maiquetía).
• Flight to Barcelona, capital of Anzoátegui State.
• Dinner and overnight at Hosteria Puerto La Cruz.

Day 5:
Barcelona - Canaima
• Early morning airport transfer.
• Flight to the waterfall at the edge of the Diablo Canyon Auyantepuy landing at Canaima National Park.
• There you will enjoy a day at the beauty of the Amazon and a nice walk under Sapo, where you can feel the presentation of the water flowing over it.
• Trip to Salto Hacha, one of the most impressive waterfalls of Canaima Lagoon.
• After lunch, spend some time with the Indians Pemones.
• In the evening, dinner at Camp Parakaupa and lodging.

Day 6:
Canaima - Ciudad Bolivar
• In the morning, after breakfast you can relax and enjoy the Laguna de Canaima.
• Lunch at Camp Parakaupa.
• 15:00 flight to Ciudad Bolivar.
• Dinner and overnight at the Hotel Las Lajas.

Day 7:
Ciudad Bolivar - Delta Orinoco
• Early morning we are transported to Tucupita from Ciudad Bolivar, capital of Delta State and take a Curiara Amacuro a river in dense tropical jungle on the way to Camp My Palafitos in the middle of the Orinoco Delta.
• After lunch enjoy a nice walk in the wet soils of the delta of the jungle to experience and learn a little of the typical vegetation (Palma Moriche, Bora, Mangrove, etc).
• At the end of the day observe the horizon and look for crocodiles and monkeys in the river's edge.
• Dinner and overnight at Camp Palafito.

Day 8:
Orinoco Delta
• After breakfast in the middle of the Orinoco Delta, surrounded by monkeys, macaws and the most wonderful vegetation visit a Warao Indian Community.
• Lunch at the camp and afternoon piranha fishing in the river near the camp Manamo.
• Dinner and overnight at Camp My Palafitos.

Day 9:
Orinoco Delta - Maiquetía
• Early in the morning, after breakfast, flight from Tucupita Margarita.
• 11:00 flight from Margarita to Maiquetía arriving at 11:35.
• Assistance from the local airport from the airport.
• Return home at 15:45.

Yellow: Mérida, the beautiful mountains of the Andes with a beautiful landscape due to the narrow range of mountains, most of the mountains are valleys.mapamontana
Green: Caracas International Airport.  Blue: Barcelona, a city next to sea with friendly people.
Purple: The Orinoco Delta, a haven of tranquility. Red: The majestic Auyantepuy the Salto Angel.


Mérida. The mountains and the tropical Andes in Merida have a magical and beautiful city, many students live there and is a tourist paradise.

These lofty mountains in the tropics have many beautiful places and mingle with beauty in their bases with tropical vegetation.

Los Frailes. In the beautiful mountain scenery of the Andes in the tropics Los Frailes out as a refreshing part of civilization.

Laguna Negra. Go to a place horse, with high mountains and beautiful landscapes in the tropics is simply relaxing and memorable.

Mucunuy Lodge. Enjoy this restored colonial hacienda, is very different and comfortable when compared with common hotels.

Barcelona. A modern city where we spend our way to nature.

Alexander Mirador Laime. At last the world's highest waterfall, the oldest of the falls and the only endemic flora and fauna.

Salto Hacha. A wonderful place, you can walk behind the water to admire the leap from a strange angle.

Rio Orinoco. A great place to relax. More than 1000 km. of river can be navigated and may reach across Colombia to Venezuela.

Nature and the Rio Orinoco. The Orinoco River serves as a highway for easy navigation penetrating natural exotic jungle plants and animals that nature lovers will be delighted to see.

There are more days available for groups with a minimum of six people.

Dates are subject to change depending on the number of reservations.

Reservations must be confirmed or prepaid 2 weeks prior to start date.

No refund for tours already confirmed.

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