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Roraima Map

The Roraima Expedition of 6 days and 5 nights. The magical and mystical Roraima is one of the most representative Tepuyes visitors due to its easy ascent and descent that requires no prior training or age limit, just excellent health. Being as visually exciting hikes might not realize the hours or distance traveled due to the distraction that encourages different and changing points of view.

Day 1
• The adventure starts early in the morning, take a 4x4 jeep from the village of Santa Elena to the Indian Community of Paraitepuy about two hours.
• Then continues with a walk of 4 hours which passes through small forests, during which it will make the lunch.
• Nearing the end of the afternoon the river and camped Tek where you can take a refreshing swim in the Rio Cenaq and Pernot.

Day 2
• After breakfast heading out to the base camp, if there is good weather you can admire the falls Kukenan, which is the second highest in Venezuela and the fourth highest in the world with an altitude of 610 meters.
• When approaching the Tepuy observe that there is a change of vegetation.
• Lunch next to the base camp.
• Arriving at the base of Roraima, organizes the camp, dinner and Pernot.

Day 3
• Early departure to the summit of Roraima in a walk of 4 hours.
• On the road you can see orchids, bromeliads, lichens and various types of ferns. It's amazing the change in vegetation between the base and top.
• Lunch in the Roraima wall, just where is a water point where you can recharge the bottles of pure, healthy and refreshing water, there will be a break and then continue to the top of Roraima.
• Once at the top will be greeted with a spectacular view of rock formations that were the carved by erosion in billions of years, even some are famous and have names like the Flying Turtle, The Camel, The monkey, between others.
• Continue the walk to the Caves Open often called "hotels" where will the camp, this place provides protection against the cold, rain and wind. Dinner and Pernot.

Day 4fotos_roraima_puripuri
• After breakfast prepare an expedition, having several alternatives, depending on the weather, an alternative is a long walk to the "Triple Point" border (Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana), The Valley of the quartz crystals, a rare formation called "Pit" or Arapo Valley, among other places.
The other option, is less demanding, which is very interesting, is to visit "The Pit" or "window" where you can see a panoramic view of La Gran Sabana, sighting the tepuy Kukenan and the Amazon Rainforest.

• On the way they conduct a lunch and the return will take something hot (tea or chocolate), dinner and Pernot.

Day 5
• After breakfast walk 7 to 8 hours due to Rio Tek at base camp will have a lunch and rest.
• Once we reach the base camp, take a refreshing swim in the river, making a delicious dinner and Pernot.

Day 6
• After breakfast walk down to the Indian community where you'll Paraitepuy a lunch and cold beers.
• After a 4x4 vehicle anger to Santa Elena. End of the Expedition.

Note: It is very important to notify before travel if someone travels vegetarian food with any other indication, as well as allergies, medical indications, not to forget their medicines.

What to Bring:
Mosquito repellent.
Waterproof walking shoes (NO NEW) with thick socks.
A plastic bottle or aluminum can recharge water along the way with pure spring water.
Shorts and light.
Cold weather clothing, once we reach the summit is approximately the temperature at night from 6th to 4th grades and on the day between 16 º to 18 º.

It is important to wear the backpack as light as possible to walk as comfortable and in harmony with your body.roraima_2010

Soap for personal hygiene or preferably organic blue panel, do not bring high pH soaps because they are harmful to the environment and the high mineral content of water, this may not be removed easily from the body, leaving him with a soapy feel .

Bilingual guides, transportation in 4x4 vehicle, first aid, all meals, cooking, dishes, knives, forks, drinking rate, food and waste carriers.

There is a conservation program for the Roraima which is lower all biodegradable solid waste and that may alter the biology of the ecosystem, ie soil pH, and that this environment is poor in nutrients, including Roraima was returning from feces human faeces are carried portable toilets with lime bags are then carefully stored in a container to be moved to the village.

The Tepuy of Roraima is a sandstone plateau that stands 2810 meters above the plains of La Gran Sabana forest, being the highest point within a radius of 549.44 kilometers, located in the extreme southeast of Canaima National Park. Geologically it is one of the oldest places on the planet about two billion years ago, dating back to the Precambrian.

The first explorers in the area found that many local indigenous "Pemones" referred to this mountain as "The mother of all waters," aptly named because since its peak fall many waterfalls, which are the source of the Orinoco, Essequibo and Amazon.

Its name is derived from two words in the language Pemón: Roro - Ima: Roro: blue-green, Ima: Great. Therefore the meaning of Roraima and depending on the translation to be made to Pemón can be: The Great blue-green, Rolling Rock or Fertile Mother of the torrents.

Reports of Victorian expeditions to this mountain inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to write his classic 1912 adventure novel "The Lost World", of which there have been several film versions.

The estimated time to raise any Tepuy takes a day to reach the base of the plateau, and another to climb up La Rampa, the natural rock staircase that goes straight to the top. Another two days are typically needed for the return. Many people spend an entire day at the top of the mountain, which totals five-day excursion, depending on the time the most feasible plan to visit, but the different points may be visited with a couple of days. Although the climb all the way is well marked and passed, it is very easy to get on top because there are few existing trails become blurred, and the constant cloud cover makes it difficult sometimes making visual references so is important to come up with a guide to the area.waterfalls

The Tepuy Roraima is a common destination for backpackers. The rise is gentler on the Venezuelan side, any other ways require special climbing equipment and advanced practical knowledge. The mountain was crowned both Guyana and Brazil, where both paths of rock climbing difficulty.

Alternatively you can hire a helicopter tour departing from Santa Elena de Uairen to fly or to walk on the table, walking on a day tour or hiking or camping to lower return on the same helicopter.

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