Canaima Uruyen and Kavak of 5 days

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Angel Falls - El Sapo - Yurwan Cave - Salto Akareupa - Kavak Caveuruyen_kavak

1 Day: You will arrive in Canaima, from here you are beeing transported to the pier of Puerto Ucaima, where we board our canoe, where we will cruise the Carrao River for about 20 minutes, you can admire the unique ecological performance of Canaima, an ideal opportunity to take pictures.

After 20 minutes, we stop at La Sabana de Mayupa, where we walk around 30 minutes, then we continue cruising the Carrao River. From here you will start to feel the magically atmosphere of the jungle, you start looking more closely at the Auyan Tepuy (Audán Tupu), one of the biggest table mountains in the National park, with several waterfalls in the rainy season. Navigation continues, up to the River Bank of Carrao, we will be in El Pozo de La Felicidad (Saropá Kupaí), a small waterfall with a natural swimming pool, ideal for swimming and a good lunch.

Later about 1 hour, we will approach with our boat, the walls of the Auyan Tepuy; and start navigating the Churúm River, the cruise on the river, takes 2 hours or so, in the midst of rapids and deep waters, on the way and about 30 minutes before you arrive, you may spot the Angel Falls (Kürepákupö vein - in Indian language), that, if the clouds permit, we will continue and sail the Churúm River to La Raton Island.

After docking up on the island, we will begin an arduous hike of 1 hour, climbing through the jungle toward the Lookouts of Angel Falls. From this natural view, you can also see the Angel Falls (almost 1 km high), the highest waterfall in the world, if we have more time available, continue for a few minutes more, until you reach the foot of the Angel Pozo, to take us a swim in its cool waters, the Angel Falls can also be seen while swimming.

We return to the Island of  Raton, after a walk of 1 hour through the same path down the middle of the jungle, we board our boat again, to cruise to our rustic camp, only a minutes sail down the river. After living a full day of adventure, night falls and dinner is served at the table, a hearty and delicious roast chicken (The best I can recall to have been eaten ever!), with their respective boundaries in the rustic camp having bathrooms and- showers we will sleep in beds with blankets, in front of the Angel Falls.

Day 2: After breakfast, we set our route back towards the town of Canaima, on the same path once again plying the river Churúm for 1 hour and Rio Carrao for 2 hours and then with a walk of  30 minutes in the Sabana de Mayupa, then and finally sailing for twenty (20) minutes up the river of Carrao.

We will disembark at the Port Ucaima, where we go to our camp, around noon in Canaima. The camp will serve lunch, plus you will be given your room.

In the early afternoon, from the shores of the beach at Canaima, we board a canoe (typical boat), will cross the waters of Laguna de Canaima, for a short time, getting to know the waterfalls of: Ucaima, Golondrina and El Salto Hacha Wadaima , ("Ukaimö vein", "Köuchipa vein", "Wadaima vein" and "Waka vein").

We will land on Anatoliy Island where we will hike for 20 minutes through the forest and savanna visiting El Salto El Sapo ("Pöröpá vein").

Having reached the Valley of the Salto El Sapo, visitors have the opportunity to swim in the little Beach, if it, is accessible. Then we will go to the waterfall and it will introduce us to walk on the rocks, end to end, behind the jump, eddies of water-laden air, and tons of falling liquid mass, a few inches from you, make this natural tunnel or passageway, a deafening roar, a walk to get completely soaked exciting. It is noteworthy that in the summer season, El Salto El Sapo reached quite completely dry.

After this and at the other end, behold the power profile of the Salto El Sapo, a perfect time to take good photographs; continue for about 5 minutes, through a short way up, until you reach the summit a small jump, call: Jumping The Toad, then we will go to the summit or Mirador del Salto El Sapo. El Mirador Salto El Sapo, flatters stunning natural scenery, a unique ecological scenery, aside from the Salto El Sapo and its lagoon, are: the vast savannah, dense jungle, the mighty tepuyes, all the exotic elements of Canaima, mixed and gathered in one place, spectacular views of nature, they can not escape from your camera or camcorder, we are a little while to observe and take a short relaxation.

After the walk, back to the pier, walking for 20 minutes, between the savannah and the forest we will take our boat and return. Although there is the possibility of walking behind another waterfall if you like, El Salto Hacha (Waka Vein), if we have more time available, and whether El Salto Hacha, is not dangerous, we will visit and walk behind it, culminating this, we return to our camp across the lagoon again. At night, we will dine and stay in Canaima.

3 Day: Breakfast. Uruyen flight, Around The Auyan Tepuy, by 30 minutes. Overflight Angel Falls. Immediate Tour arrival and visit the Cave of Akareupa Yurwan and coat. Walks in Savannah, forest, creeks and streams. Picnic lunch. Return at 5:00 p.m. with dinner and overnight.

4 Day: Breakfast. Visit to the Indian Community Santa Marta, noting Indian Life System. Kavak cross the river in small boat. To finally get to Kavak. Walk Hard Nearly 3 hours. the trip to "Kavak Cave" ("Kavak Yeutá") begins, during the voyage will explore a stretch of savannah and gallery forest, which is located along streams, originating from Auyan Tepuy, as it is, "The Well Of Love" ("Kawaiköden"), among others.

Walking on slippery rocks and stones, holding on to ropes and more, are also part of this great adventure. Up to a small lake, which is named: "The Well of The Anaconda" and being the entrance to a canyon, inside which is a leap of 20 meters or so, better known as "The Kavak Cave. " At the foot of this waterfall, you can enjoy a refreshing swim in its cool waters.

Returning, we will see in the way: "La Quebrada de La Avispa" "Tewanarempa." Lunch and Return to Uruyen. Dinner and Overnight.

5 Day: Breakfast. Free morning waiting for the return flight to Canaima. Arrival and immediate return from Canaima to Ciudad Bolívar.


All Meals and drinks: Lunch From Day 1 to Breakfast Day 5

A Night at Hammock (Angel Falls).

One night in bed, private bathroom with fan.

Two Nights in Hammock (Uruyen).

Overflight Angel Falls.

Air Ticket: Canaima  - Uruyen - Canaima.

Experienced Bilingual Guides.

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